POPULAR MAGAZINE - The Sneak Peek (End of Summer Issue 2016) Jul. 2016 - Page 24

NEW ENTRY: “POTENTIAL” BY @REESEPOWER3 IS ON THE VERGE! Reese 3 is a true Gonzo when it comes to composing music books or any form of writing. With him advancing from the Detroit sound and streets he still has not forgotten what helped him become who he is today. He is very smooth at combining many writing styles, arts, visual word play, and life experiences. Lyrics with a graceful and laid back feel that characterizes the music. Maurice “Reese Power” Travis has worked with artists and materials of raw hip-hop, r&b, gospel, dope boy gangster rap, pop, soft rock and more. He is a specialist at bringing good spirited company. This young man speaks from his spirit and from his heart with much wisdom and color. Reese 3 is known to be one of the most powerful speakers throughout the nations and has a lot to offer the world and economy.