POPULAR MAGAZINE - The Sneak Peek (End of Summer Issue 2016) Jul. 2016 - Page 14

KP: That our woman really loves shirt dresses, for example. Or we know in February or March she starts searching for white dresses. So we made sure that we had a couple of white dress styles for the March delivery. We also monitor a lot of different celebrities and street style stars. Someone like Olivia Palermo has been incredibly popular across our website. We had a story that showed how she styled her clothing with various belts. At the same time we noticed that any pre-knotted belt or pre-styled belt did really well. We took both pieces of information and created a thin belt that you can layer over your coats and dresses that’s pre-knotted and pre-styled for you. We also did a couple of polls with our readers. We took a segment of really highly-engaged readers and tested some prints and patterns without them even knowing what it was for. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, we’ll be engaging a lot more with our audience and having them know that they’re really a part of the design process.