Popular Culture Review Vol. 28, No. 2, Summer 2017 - Page 88

关键词:非语言,符号学,情景记忆 Reports of tragedy, especially those brought about by acts of terror, are frequently reported on various media. Listeners are given accounts of the location, the individuals, and the possible motives of those involved in these acts of tragedy. Following these acts of tragedy are expressions of sorrow conveyed in various forms. The forms of sorrowful expressions may be expressed through cards, letters, media commentary pictures, street demonstrations and so on. In short, these acts function as language in nonverbal form and fall under the broader topic of communication. Communication is a method used to share ideas about people, places, and events. For the most part, when we use the word communication, we generally refer to oral and to written forms of discourse. As a result, communication may take various features, depending on the urgency or gravity of the information to be conveyed to a specific or to a general audience. We use the telephone, send texts, write formal letters draw pictures, scribble notes, and use signs to give listeners and readers a sense of how we think about the issue at hand. In addition, the methods chosen to communicate is a connection between language and thought in that the words we select and their arrangement in discourse give audiences a sense of how speakers and writers construe events, people, places, situations, and so on. An often- cited example to show the connection between language and thought is passive voice construction as in Mistakes were made. By using the passive construction, a speaker or a writer does not implicate any specific person when compared to the active construction as in John made a mistake. By using the active-voice structure, the agent John is responsible for the activity. Furthermore, the use of modern technology has improved the efficiency and speed of communication. Compared to decades ago, information to be communicated is almost instantaneous. We are reminded that events seldom go unnoticed in the nation and around the world, given the use of the tools used in communication today. Writers make use of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to communicate information based on how they perceive the importance of such matters. Other Modes of Communication 83