Popular Culture Review Vol. 28, No. 2, Summer 2017 - Page 67

Rick dedicated his book High Heat (2016) to K. B. “for always and more.” Castle never mentioned the name “James Bond” during "When the Bough Breaks" (2.5). However, it was obvious he referred to the Scottish icon when he mentioned "a certain famous British spy” when hinting he might be the author of a three book prelaunch of this famous character. Castle’s long lost father revealed that he gave his ten-year-old son a copy of the Bond classic, Casino Royale. The couple investigated the murder of a fan who organized a recreation of the sci-fi TV show, Nebula 9, at a Science Fiction convention in “The Final Frontier" (5.6). Beckett was part of a fan group in college. Castle argued Nebula 9 paled in comparison to sci-fi shows like “Star Trek, Battlestar, that Joss Whedon show …”(5.6). His oblique reference was to Firefly, a show written and created by Whedon, in which Nathan Fillion starred. Castle referred to something exciting as “shiny,” a term used on Firefly. Secrets for Shippers For six seasons, inside knowledge strengthened the bond with the fans. The creator and writers of Castle used symbols, rituals, tropes, and running g ́Ѽѥ̸͡Yѽ)QɹȰѡѡɽа͕ٕ嵉́ݕɔq幅ѥѥϊwqѕɹ䁕ٕ)ɵ͕ͥՅ䰁ɥ͡ѥϊtؤٕ䁥ɽՍѥѼ ѱ)ͽɕ͕Օ嵉聄ݡѱѡͽѡѥѱɕѕȁ䁱ѕȰ)ɥѥݥѠѡ丁Qͥѡ́́ ѱQɥѕ́)ɽՍ́ͽѥ́ɥѕݥѠѡ́ѡ͡ߊéɽՍѥѼЁѡ)ѡͽ]ФQUȁ͡ݍ͕ѡ͔مɥ́́ѡȁݸ)٥ ѱL%ɽՍѥ̤)M嵉́ɥ݅эɕ ЁȁѡȸQ䁍ȁЁѼ) ӊéͬѽȁ ѱ͕ѥ]͸Ёѡɔ ЁЁѡ)ݥљձ䰁ݥ͡ݕɔѡɔ%qQAt̸Ĥ ѱɕ͕ٕ䁍ȁ)ѡݕȁѡѠȁ́ɥѕɥѕȁMѕ( Q)مѽȁЁѡɕЁ嵉镐Ʌͥѥ̸́݅э ѱéɕͥɔ)ѕȁѡ́)!յ́əɴɥՅ́ȁѕɹ́յ٥ȁɑݥѠͽѽ(QɹȀ䤸ɥѡЁѡ͡ߊéձɥ䰁ձɑȁ ӊéٽɥє)ɥɅͭ䁱єݼյ́՝ȵɕم䁅ͭȁɥфȁ(