Popular Culture Review Vol. 28, No. 2, Summer 2017 - Page 61

This season opened with a scene of Beckett in a hospital bed holding hands with Josh and ended with her going to bed with Castle in his apartment (“Rise” 4.1). The transformation of their relationship from Beckett’s denial that Castle had declared his love for her to realization their love was reciprocal enthralled shippers. Fans found enticing several other developments in the story line. Castle’s relationship with Alexis matured. Lanie and Espo continued their passionate affair. Ryan married Jenny played by Juliana Dever, wife of Sean Dever (Ryan) in real life. Five episodes were dark and serious. The rest emphasized police procedure or pop culture phenomenon such as super heroes, ghosts, Elvis, dog shows, fairy tales, and zombies. In “Heroes and Villains” (4.2) a show about super heroes, Beckett said she liked “Electra.” Probably, observed Castle, because they both buried their emotions. As the story developed the couple sorted through a bevy of super heroes, only to discover that “The Lone Vengeance” was one of their own, Officer Anne Hastings. Shippers grasped the irony when Beckett told her, “You’re a good cop. You’ve got somebody who cares for you. Don’t be so driven by the past that you throw away your future” (4.2). Shippers knew that Beckett’s observation about Lanie and Espo applied to her relationship with Castle. “It’s so obvious. They both want to be together, but neither will admit to it” (“Cuffed” 4.10). ”The Blue Butterfly” (4.14) was a spoofy 1947 period piece redolent with cheesy dialogue. Lanie demonstrated her singing talents and ability to work the room. Shippers delighted in a kiss and an “I love you,” between Castle and Beckett. In “Limey” (4.20), Becket commented about her relationship with Castle, “It’s been weird between us lately,” Lanie replied, “Lately? Kate, it’s been weird for four years” (4.20). Guest star Adam Baldwin reprised his relationship with Fillion as a bad cop in “Headhunters” (4.21). Fun, fads, and frustration reached a climax in the season’s finale. Castle and Beckett kissed passionately and headed for the bedroom (“Always” 4.23). Laurel Brown, a reviewer for buddy TV, shed tears. “I cried because everything familiar about four seasons of Castle was over. And I cried because of the amazing future we can expect from Castle in season 5 (buddy TV). Season 5 56