Popular Culture Review Vol. 28, No. 2, Summer 2017 - Page 60

Castle explained the allure of police procedural dramas. He told the members of the homicide squad, “You guys should really sell tickets. I mean, you’ve got everything, madness, mayhem” (“Double Down” 2.2). A number of emotional events occurred in the cliffhanger for the season. Alexis went off to college. Kate almost confessed her feelings for Castle just before his ex-wife dragged him off to the Hamptons. Beckett began a romance with another man. One shipper vented, “THAT EPISODE BROKE MY FREAKIN’ HEART!” (Garner). Season 3 Castle reached the height of its popularity; 12.93 million viewers watched the last episode of the season (Castle TV Show). TV critic Morrison noted, “There are a few things Castle knows how to do better than most shows on TV, present cases filled with multiple twists and showcasing serious chemistry” (Review “Countdown”). Half the episodes focused on dark serious crimes. The rest focused on cultural icons such as male strippers, steam punks, soap opera stars, and beauty queens. Lanie and Espositio (Esplanie) began a sizzling relationship. 67FRv2VW2b&V6WGN( 0G6R7VF"66&F27W&vVf7F"vV'7FW"67FRFW&6fVǒ6VB( F&76R&( 67F^( 2WvfRv&WGW&VB2fRFW&W7BB6WFF"f"W>( ffV7F2'&6bEbfF2v&VB( v2vBFv( &WfWrFגFVFP6WRV6VFW&VBFƖRFR7G&W72r斶VBf&6VB67F^( 2&67FRw27V&ƖFb2&F2FW6&Rf"&V6WGBFw&Fr&FVBFƖRFFVFgB2'fW&&7GW&&F( ( 斶VN( 2FR6W^( 2f'7B&VV'&6R67W'&VBvVFRGv&WFVFVBFWvW&RVfǐV'&FVB&F26WRFV"'W6RV6ǒ&V6R76FRBFFR66r&F`FV( Ķ6Fv( 22'&6'6W'fVB( 7BfWvW'2rFR6&7FW'26( B&PFvWFW"WB'WBFRRFBFWvVW2FVvF6rW6FRgFW"W6F^( &WfWp( 6VFFv( ҒFRFWf7FFr6V6fRw&GFV'v&VVgB6W'266&R6FVrFfW7FvFRFRW&FW"b&V6WGN( 2FW"67FR6WBfb6bWfVG2F@&W7VFVBFRFVFb6FFvW'GW&r&V6WGN( 2WVwBFRgVW&6W 6BW"FR6W7B67FR'W6VBFW"VBW"2&2B6B( ĒfR^( Т( Ķ6WN( 2#B6V6@SP