Popular Culture Review Vol. 28, No. 2, Summer 2017 - Page 6

From the Editor’s Desk This summer promises to be the hottest on record, and while I can’t promise that this issue of PCR will cool you off, the contents herein may help you to forget global warming, or perhaps not. In his disquieting article,“ The Fourth Reich: Ishmael Reed’s The Terrible Twos and the Triumph of U.S. Popular Culture” Vincent Perez kicks off the issue explaining how Trump’s presidency was foretold in 20 th century works of dystopian fiction emphasizing Reed’s novel which reads much less like satire today than on its publication. In “Order on the Net!!” Juror Misconduct via Social Media”, Attorney Reginia Judge warns how juror misuse of social media can threaten a defendant’s right to a fair trial through emailing, tweeting or posting on social networks and discusses judicial strategies for preventing it. While public histories fail to record “Baltimore’s Hidden Communication: Unwritten words by Harriet Tubman and Eleanor Roosevelt and Her Jour