Popular Culture Review Vol. 28, No. 2, Summer 2017 - Page 59

that didn’t do either “filler.” An easy way of categorizing the eight seasons of Castle is to divide them in half. The first half is a tease. How long will it take for Castle and Beckett to commit romantically? In the second half the new couple were engaged and married. Season 1 Marlowe expanded the pilot to create the first episode. ABC executives produced only ten episodes because they had some doubt the series would succeed. Nine of them dealt with murders and one with a kidnapping. Producers filmed episodes in Los Angeles and New York so the interior scenes of the precinct changed. The initial episode established the plot and outlined the characters. The writers depicted Beckett as a determined and professional detective. In one scene, she kicked open a door. Katic recalled later that she put her high heel through the door (“Bonus scenes” 1.1). Castle earned Beckett’s trust by episode 5, “A Chill Goes Through Her Veins” (1.5). She showed him mementos or her mother, Johanna, and shared the details of her murder. Esposito and Ryan gave Castle the file on the murder, knowing full well the consequences if Beckett found out. Several episodes showed the lighter side of Beckett, the part that she kept hidden since her mother’s death. Castle discovered information about Johanna’s murder in the season’s last episode, “A Death in the Family” (1.10). He knew that if he told Beckett, it would endanger their relationship, but believed he had to tell her the truth. The TV audience had to wait until the next season to discover the consequences of Castle’s action. Season 2 The writers fully developed the characters and plot during the 24 episodes of this season. Episodes treated fans to a steady diet of cop and pop. Season 2 opened with a scene shot in the precinct that depicted a promo for Castle’s new book, Heat Wave. To Beckett’s chagrin, the promo highlighted attractive women in bare-midriff police outfits. She fumed, but the Captain reminded her it was good publicity. Their pursuit of a murderer led Castle to a poker game with Russian mobsters. Beckett’s quick thinking saved Castle’s life. Afterwards, Castle made a sincere apology to Beckett for meddling in her mother’s case. Beckett replied, “See you tomorrow” (“Deep in Death” 2.1). 54