Popular Culture Review Vol. 28, No. 2, Summer 2017 - Page 58

Beckett's affection for Castle, and over time accepted Castle as part of the team. Fans visited websites featuring their quotes. One YouTube video promised to show them how to dance like Ryan and Esposito. Lanie, played by TV and film actress, Tamala Jones, served as Beckett’s best friend, confidant, and Esposito’s love interest. Lanie urged Beckett to date Castle. In "The Limey” (4.20) she told Beckett life was too short and uncertain to wait to make a move. Reviewer Luciana Mangas of TVOM observed, “Now, we’ve got a tease with Beckett talking to Lanie about telling Castle how she feels. I swear, if they don’t take this relationship to the next level soon, I am going to scream” (“The Limey, Review”). Ruben Santiago-Hudson played Roy Montgomery, the Captain of the 12 th precinct. He overcame Beckett’s objections to having Castle observe the workings of the homicide department. He encouraged their relationship, stating, “Kate, you weren't having any fun before he came along” (“Knockout” 3.24). Captain Montgomery died in a shootout at the end of season three. Victoria “Iron” Gates (Penny Johnson-Jerald) replaced him for seasons four through seven. Gate’s tough-minded character forced Castle to earn a place in the precinct by fitting in and solving cases. Reviewer Courtney Morrison hoped “she (Gates) ends up being a Castle shipper like the rest of us” (Castle: Season Premier Review). Through the Seasons Marlowe shaped the story of Castle and Beckett like a soap opera, an interesting choice since one of Fillion’s previous roles was on Desperate Housewives, Susan Sullivan starred on Falcon Crest and Seamus Dever had a role in General Hospital. The story line began with charismatic characters in a distinctive setting. The classic theme of boy meets girl soon changed to two people seeking love. The characters’ first meeting was a defining moment. There was a connection and conflict. Beckett described Castle as “an immature, egotistical, self-centered jackass” (“Probable Cause” 5.5). However, Castle’s boyish charm, humor, and concern for her won her over. The theme of two people finding love moved the characters through danger, doubt, and separation. Most of the formulaic episodes moved the relationship forward or backwards. Shippers fretted over the setbacks, but delighted in the episodes that highlighted changes in the couple’s relationship from flirtation, to dating, intimacy, and marriage. They considered episodes 53