Popular Culture Review Vol. 28, No. 2, Summer 2017 - Page 57

and the fact the Cybil Shepard was pregnant with twins and had to limit her appearances on the show (Garner Review). Marlowe believed that a detective series featuring a married couple would hold the audience’s attention (Castle-Beckett). He cited as proof The Thin Man, a classic 1934 film, written by Dashiell Hammett, staring Myrna Loy (Nora), William Powell (Nick), and their wire- haired terrier, Asta (played by canine actor Skippy). Castle’s continued high ratings confirmed Marlowe’s assertion. Once Castle and Beckett were engaged, shippers delighted in wedding preparations. After the couple’s marriage, they eagerly followed the struggle of the newlyweds to resolve conflicts, create a blended family, and solve mysteries. Fillion observed that the first four years were prologue to the fireworks of a complicated relationship (Castle-Beckett). Meet the Cast Castle’s superb supporting cast framed the characters and story line. Molly Quinn, Castle’s daughter, Alexis, received training as a child and earned her role on Castle at the age of seventeen. Fillion praised her growth as an actor. Scenes of the two playing brought out Castle’s childish side and physical humor. More serious scenes allowed Fillion to express the depth of the love of a father for his daughter. Alexis liked Beckett, asked her for advice, and facilitated her assimilation into a new family. Two-time Emmy and Golden Globe nominee Susan Sullivan played Castle’s mother, Martha Rodgers. Her acting career paralleled that of the woman she portrayed, appearing on Broadway, film, and television. She depicted Martha as a grand dame dressed in haute couture clothes. She stole every scene in a way that developed the plot and made her fellow actors look better. Her witticisms (Marthaisms) such as “Clothes are civilization” evoked a great deal of humor (“Inventing the Girl” 2.3). Her unsolicited advice to her son helped him better understand his feelings for Beckett. Martha was the only character that called Beckett by her full name, “Katherine,” a sign of her respect and desire to see two lovers resolve their conflicts and find happiness. Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Esposito (Jon Huerta) played brave and committed cops. Laura Akers, a reviewer for Den of Geek, described them as, “the best example of what a true partnership looks like” (Season 6 Review). Esposito was the cynical physically imposing tough guy. Ryan was the insightful emotional center of the team. They good-naturedly poked fun at 52