Popular Culture Review Vol. 28, No. 2, Summer 2017 - Page 33

E. Juror Pledges An innovative approach to limiting Internet use involves requiring jurors to sign written pledges not to communicate about the case through social media. 60 The American College of Trial Lawyers has proposed the following “Statement of Compliance” for jurors to sign: I _______agree that during the duration of the trial in ____________, I will not conduct any independent research into any of the issues or parties involved in this trial. I will not communicate with anyone about the issues or parties in this trial, and I will not permit anyone to communicate with me. I further agree that I will report any violation of the court’s instruction immediately. 61 Some courts in California require “jurors to sign declarations attesting that they will not use “personal electronic and media devices” to research or communicate about any aspect of the case. That includes comp ]\[ۙ\[\ˈ\ܜ[]HYۈHX\][ۜXYH[\[[Hو\\KYܙH[Y\^H\K'H 8'H\܈YۜBX\][ۈ]\[]HۙH\X\܈\\H[][X]Yۛ[HX]H\B[XH[\[XHؘ][ۈ܈Z[[YK[HوX\H[[ۙH[[Y\H܂\\K'H •ӐTSӂHX\X[]HوH[\]\XYH][ܙH[[ܙHYX[\HX\[Y\›وHZ\[[\\X[X[ \\X]\HH\H\]ۈݙ\[Z[][[ۈBHYYXH܈YH]YHܘ\[\\[]\ܜ]\YHܛۙ[HH\ܜ[\[\ˈ8'H؛[Hو]YH[Y[Hۈ\ܜ\ۙ\ۙ[YYٚ[B\\]\Hݙ\Y[H\܈\YYXK\HZ\ۙXY[\BXZ] YNX܈\ܜ]Y]H\\X[ ؙ\ K LK΋˞XZ˘Kۙ]۞KZYK[Z\ܜ\ݚY] X\\]X[ L L L [ \X\YXX\H  M˂B[Y\X[YHوX[]Y\ \H[X[ۜ]][ۚ[YZ[\HوH[\][X[]ܚ[ˈ L ΋˘X KX\Kڝ\KZ[X[ۜX]][ۚ[XYZ[ ]\KZ[\] X[ \X[ B]ܚ[ˈ\X\Y[H K M˂ܙY[ܘ[]\Y\H[X[ۜΈ\HH[\]\X\[\\[و\\8&YB؛[K\[X\ L K˜[YY[[۝X[KKۙ]̌ K\ Lܙ]\Y Z\KZ[X[ۜB[ ]\KZ[\] ɞ[^LML K\X\Y[H K M˂’Y