Popular Culture Review Vol. 28, No. 2, Summer 2017 - Page 31

case. 44 Michigan has followed suit by requiring judges to instruct jurors against the use of electronic devices at the time the panel is sworn in. 45 Florida courts allow for the confiscation of jurors’ electronic devices at any stage of the trial and specifically provide that they be removed just prior to deliberation. 46 Federal courts have also implemented specific instructions targeted at jurors’ Internet use. Some use the model jury instructions prepared by the Committee on Court Administration and Case Management to combat this type of juror misconduct. 47 The rules direct the judge to provide the rules as often as possible; before trial, at the close of a case, at the end of each day before jurors return home, and other times, as appropriate.” 48 The jury instructions enumerate what devices and actions are prohibited by stating, “You may not communicate with anyone about the case on your cell phone, through e-mail, Blackberry, iPhone, text messaging, o "GvGFW"F&Vv&r"vV'6FRF&VvFW&WB6B&"'vbFW 66WGv&rvV'6FW26VFrf6V&ו76RƖVDBUGV&R( C6FR7G'V7F26VW&'2Ff&FR6W'BbFR7G'V7F2&RB&VrfvVBFPVFvR7FFW2( ĒWV7BFBRvf&R262R&V6Rv&RbFW"W&.( 0fFbFW6R7G'V7F2( S6R6W'G2fR&W'FVB7V66W72&WfVFr֗7W6R`66VFgFW"77VrFW6R7G'V7F2SFW&VƖWfRFBB2&V6W6RFFFF&fFr7V6f2f&Ff&&FFV&Vf"VFvW2WvfFrFRFW&W@2'FB&FW"F&fFRFRFVfVFBvFf"G&B2&VƖWfVBFBW&'2&W7@&WGFW"FF&V7F2bFWVFW'7FBFR&V6v7V6&WV&VVG2fR&VV6VBFVS B6FVB6&vW0C@V7BBS'VR"S֖6v6W'B'VW2VFVBVR3#C`'VR"CS"f&F6W'B'VW2VFVB#BCpV7FW&SbCVF66fW&V6R66W'BF֖b66RvB&6VBFVW'7G'V7F3FRW6R`VV7G&2FV6wF6GV7B&W6V&6"6V6FR&WB66R#"fSW6W'2&VvVFvRFvG2W'֖7G'V7F2Fb7B66W76VBVwW7BB#rCBSBSV7FW&W6Rb66VF'W&'2FVFV"W"7WBFW'G&FVw&GcFPGf2SRSb#"S BCP#`