Popular Culture Review Vol. 28, No. 2, Summer 2017 - Page 30

in. To avoid the chore of safekeeping devices, some courts simply require that jurors leave them home. Jurors are advised, “Do not bring wireless communication devices: phones, pagers, and PDA’s. Phones are available in the jury assembly room.” 38 B. The Promotion of Voir Dire Questioning on Internet Use Some courts have begun encouraging attorneys to use the jury selection process to identify jurors who might be prone to misbehavior via the Internet. Questioning jurors concerning their level and frequency of Internet use accomplishes this goal. 39 Queries explore the amount of time jurors spend on the Internet, whether they post videos, if they use social media networks, participate in chat rooms, post on bulletin boards or maintain a blog. Some attorneys have taken their investigations further by monitoring jurors’ online use for the duration of the trial once they are chosen to hear a case. 40 Observing jurors’ online activity alerts counsel to instances of misbehavior that translate into grounds for mistrials and new trial requests. 41 C. Explicit Jury Instructions One method of preventing juror misconduct via the Internet is the creation of court rules that specifically outline prohibited behavior. Numerous states have taken this approach. A 2011 survey of state and federal jury instructions reported that 31states have standard civil jury instructions that contain specific warnings about the Internet. 42 “The Texas Rules of Civil Procedure and the standard civil jury instructions provide specific warnings to jurors about communicating and gathering information online and through social media.” 43 They require that immediately after jurors are selected for a case, the court must instruct them to turn off their cell phones and not to communicate with anyone through any electronic device while they are in the courtroom or while they are deliberating. The court also advises that while they are serving as jurors, they must not post any information about the case on the Internet or search for any information outside of the courtroom, including on the Internet, to try to learn more about the 38 Paul Elias, Courts Finally Catching Up to Texting Jurors, March 6, 2010, http://www.blueridgenow.com/news/20100306/courts-finally-catching-up-to-texting-jurors. Last accessed May 15, 2017. 39 Zora at 578. 40 Id. at 591. 41 Janoski-Haehlen at 46. 42 Hecht at 52. 43 Id. at 50. 25