Popular Culture Review Vol. 28, No. 2, Summer 2017 - Page 16

Reed’s narrator also observes in the same passage, “the Catholic Church was always nervous that Nicholas’s reputation would outflank Christ’s. Not only had Nicholas performed miracles and raised the dead as Christ had done, not only was he as ubiquitous as Christ was, but he could fly as well. Christ could ascend, but Nicholas could fly! The Vatican, as the years passed, became more and more hostile to Nicholas, and in 1969, the Pope declared Nicholas ‘moribund.’” (120) The legacy of St. Nicholas’s medieval fame never waned in Russia and other regions under the influen HوHX\\ܝ\ X[]\\[K\\[[X\H]\YY8&\[RY\]X\\\H\[[ۈ]Y[8'Y8'B[8''H[\\H^\[[\[YYXH[\H]\X]\]\H[\ܛ\و8'Y8'H\ [[ۙH[Z[[HY\[Y[\܈^[YY8&\›ݙ[\H]X]HX[ۋ]\X[[]\[\X[ۋH\X\\ [x&\[\\Y\X[\KܙXY[[Y[ۋ\X[Z\H[\\X][ݚY\[BY[ܘ\HوZ[X\ˈYY\[ۙXۛYYH[Y[Hو^]\Xۂ\ܚ][\\H[ܝXX[[[Y[وH[RY\]Xˈ\[X[Hو\™X[ۜH\XH&H[H[X\HXH[\ݚ\][ۘ[]\وKP^YH][R]H\XH[8'YۚYY\'Hۈ\  X[\Bݙ[]\XH\Hو[]]ܚ]\X[XY\܈\\ [ZHݙ\Y[[H[]Y]\ˈX][H\Hܚ\\HH\\\X[XY[H[[\[Y\X[X[ۋ^H[YHXۙ۸&\H\ۈY[ NL KK]HX\Y\[\\X[ݙ[ KBXۚX\H\HوH\[X[ݙ\Y[۝YH[H]H\[[Y\N[Z\]\&\][&]\[\H NLJKXܝ^\H\\X]X™[XYYH\[HKˈ\Y[H\X[H[[ܘ]X[]][ۜ[\XB[H]H\\Y[YH[[YY\H^\^HY\x&\Z[Z] LH NMLK[X]HY[[YHHX\Y]\H[]\X[ݙ\Y[[[]\[ۈ[BX\\[\X[ۈ[\]]N[\ˈX&\HX[[HY\H NMK[XH^\YX]H[Y\[RH[[[H\]Y[YH[H[]Y]\˂[Z[\Kؙ\[\[&\[H[&\Y[ NM H\XH\H\وB]\[\]XX[H\Y\X\]\&\[H NL˂L