Popular Culture Review Vol. 24, No. 2, Summer 2013 - Page 7

From the Editor’s Desk Here, at last, is the final issue o f our twenty-forth year. It’s hard to believe that the next issue will mark twenty-five years o f PCR. The joumal is a year younger than its parents, the Far West Populär and American Culture Associations, as we had to be sure we had a viable Organization before we could Start Publishing. We pride ourselves on variety and readability and this issue is a fine example. J.A. White’s examination of slot machines and players’ memories leads off, followed by Alexandra Reuber’s correction of the falsified image of Creole Voodoo. Patricia and William Kirtley pay homage to Cortez’ too offen unsung interpreter, Malinche, while Ying Bao introduces us to the history and world of early Chinese comics. Kathy Merlock Jackson shows us that Mary Pickford called the shots, while Donald J. Newman gives cinematic representations of high school English teachers. In fiction, Brent Gibson looks at morality and ethics in the Hunger Games, asking whether Katness Everdeen could be considered a role model, while Joseph Serio tackles the “Man With No Name in Western Fiction.” Patrick Osbome examines innovation as a response to social strains in Breaking Bad. Enjoy these excellent articles, and please consider submitting your own critical efforts for a forthcoming issue. On a separate note, you are cordially invited to our 26th Annual Conference in Las Vegas from February 21 -23, 2014. peUcia, Felicia F. Campbell Professor of English Editor, Populär Culture Review felicia.campbell@unlv.edu http://www.farwestpca.blogspot.com E rrata In our last issue, we inadvertently reversed the order of authors listed for “Nazi Uniform Fetish and Role Playing: a Subculture of Erotic Evil.” David A. Lopez should have been listed as first author and Ellis Godard as second author. We sincerely apologize for any problems this error may have caused.