Popular Culture Review Vol. 24, No. 2, Summer 2013 - Page 51

Malinche: The Voice of a Nation 47 Gloria Anzaldua and other Chicanas know what it is like to be dishonored by the Charge that they were the betrayers. They see Malinche as an avatar, a person who bridges cultures. Deena Gonzalez, Dean o f Chicano/a studies at M arymount University, notes: “She had a tongue and used it, had space and occupied it, had knowledge and applied it” (12). Gonzalez argues that Chicanas should recast Malinche as the first feminist o f the Americas (12). In assuming these roles, Malinche becomes not only a Chicana archetype, but also a Symbol of M exico as a whole. No one knows the exact dates o f M alinche’s birth and death, her tribal affiliation, or the exact nature o f her relationship with Cortes. Yet, throughout history, many have put words into her mouth. Malinche spoke only the words o f others, leaving none