Popular Culture Review Vol. 24, No. 2, Summer 2013 - Page 25

Correction of a Falsified Image Picture 3 (Parker, Angel Heart1987) 21 Picture 4 (Parker, Angel Heart 1987) Behind this window, the viewer discovers an altar that holds diverse items among which we find, for example, a pearl necklace, a set of eyes, a vase with flowers, a beetle,10 a sculpture of Peter Paul Rubens’ praying hands, a set of dice, several lit purple-colored candles, and two Voodoo dolls. It, thus, combines artifacts representative for the Voodoo religion (objects dear to the deceased, the priest’s or priestess’ spiritual necklace representing the different astral realms and respective Iwa, and the colors of the guede)with those representative for the Christian faith (a cross and praying hands). By doing so, the film seems to allude to New Orleans’ [