Popular Culture Review Vol. 24, No. 2, Summer 2013 - Page 14

10 Populär Culture Review chance; an animated armadillo who takes off his Shell and “flashes” the player; and an animated Version o f a stereotypical oil tycoon, complete with ten gallon hat and big boots. Two o f the great issues o f this and the last Century— the issues o f who owns or Controls means of energy and who deserves to do so— are reduced to a juvenile game in which players watch their cartoon oil wells spout, then count their profits afterwards. In the world o f Texas Tea, G ulf oil spills never occur; instead, a loud, goofy oil tycoon and the animals on his ranch provide an escapist experience for the player. The player has a similar experience playing Bombs Away. W hether s/he leam ed about the horrors o f war either in the abstract in history d ass, or in their stark reality when parents or siblings lost lives or limbs in W orld W ar 2 or Vietnam, perhaps retuming home with survivor’s stories— the player who sits before a Bombs Away slot machine sees the monstrous machines o f war reduced to painless, amusi