Popular Culture Review 29.1 (Spring 2018) - Page 99

Where Have All the Vampires Gone? An Examination of Gothic Horror in BBC’s Luther By Richard Logsdon Abstract: Gothic horror has found a home in several recent European crime dramas. One of these dramas is BBC’s four-season series Luther. Episode after episode, London “copper” John Luther tracks down a sociopathic killer whose monstrous actions are easily the equivalent of those committed by the creatures of traditional Gothic horror. Just as significantly, Luther’s encounters with the evil represented by these killers taps into those anxieties that currently grip a European continent that has experienced mass shootings, mass stabbings, suicide bombings, baby trafficking, sex trafficking, and killings related to the smuggling of drugs and diamonds. This essay thus represents a unique contribution to the existing body of scholarship devoted to the study of the merging of Gothic horror and contemporary European crime drama. Keywords: European crime drama, Gothic horror, cultural anxieties Resumen: El horror gótico ha encontrado un hogar en varios dramas de crimen europeos recientes. Uno de esos dramas es la serie de cuatro temporadas de la BBC, Luther. Episodio tras episodio, el “cooper” de Londres John Luther le sigue la pista a