Popular Culture Review 29.1 (Spring 2018) - Page 96

government footage, as well as other contemporaneous news footage, will continue to appear in visual rhetoric in the future. The importance of real life visual film footage is integral to bands who engage in political conversations. Beyond the bomb, for example, 2017 has been an explosive year politically, with the general population more engaged with politics and dissent than in the past. Several bands have made similar use of the spirit of protest in recently released videos. Ministry released the first single, “Antifa,” from the upcoming album AmeriKKKant (due out March 2018). The accompanying official video incorporates footage from numerous protests from the current year. 16 Frontman Al Jourgensen says of the song: I do believe that people should stand up for themselves and not be a party to this bullshit we’ve been fed […] I think Antifa is a state of mind. It’s, like, “We’re not going to take this shit anymore, because we’ve been sold a bad bill of goods here by you people.” […] I relish the attitude of Antifa; I think that some of the tactics they take actually hurt the cause or the thought process more than it helps, but I do enjoy the “Enough!” aspect of it, and that’s what this song is about. 17 The album artwork reflects the political commentary as well – Lady Liberty, distressed, hangs her head in shame and covers her eyes. Jourgensen notes that the song “Antifa” and the forthcoming album, Amerikkkant are meant to stand up to the political chaos that is currently going on in America. 18 Another example of contemporary news reels contributing to the visual narrative of a band’s music is the recent fracas between Power Trip and Fox News; the band issued a “Cease and Desist” notice to the news station (who played a clip of their song “Executioner’s Tax (Swinging of the Axe),” and the group objected to the usage. During Power Trip’s performance at the 2017 Loudwire Awards, they inter-spliced footage of various conflicts around the world with the (now) infamous video of white nationalist Richard Spencer begin punched during an interview. They note of the inclusion of that particular footage, “We weren’t just attacking the right […] It was kind of an all-encompassing ‘shit 16 Ministry, “Antifa,” official music video, 2017, Nuclear Blast Records. 17 Ministry, “Deconstructing the song ‘Antifa’” (Official Trailer), 2017, Nuclear Blast Records. 18 Christopher, Michael. “Ministry Eye March 2018 for ‘Amerikkkant’ Album, Reveal ‘Antifa” Video,” 11 Dec. 2017. Loudwire. Retrieved 12 Dec. 2017. http://loudwire.com/ministry-march-2018-amerikk- kant-album-antifa-video/ 96