Popular Culture Review 29.1 (Spring 2018) - Page 89

clearly two narratives in video – the song (the band performing the music and lyrics), and the visual accompaniment. One narrative overlays the other. As the outlined, ghostly figures of the band perform, the background shows another story simultaneously. The song and video start out with the “national emergency” broadcast notice, as the camera pans the faces of women and children refugees. As the lyrics begin, bombed out homes are overlaid with images of the individual band members. The overall narrative tone of the video is suitably grim, and the images of destruction and displacement highlight the pointed criticism of the lyrics. Singer Jyrki 69 says of the video’s conceptualization: As I first heard the instrumental demo of the song, it immediately sounded for me like a song from the early 80’s new wave/post punk days. You know, like when the music was heavily inspired by David Bowie’s dark visions, the Cold War, the threat of nuclear war and “1984” kind of the future. So I wrote such lyrics from the past – and all of a sudden, the history started to repeat itself and the Cold War winds started to blow again! It was very strange – all of a sudden THE 69 EYES have a song which is very “today” and even political, longing back the days of peace […] We also wanted the video to be artistic and visually capturing the vibe and theme of the song. There is hope but also darkness, violence and innocence. And it’s only goth‘n’roll. 8 It is clear the band is conscious of the message of the song; choosing to release it first also suggests that the timing and concern are relevant, and that this is a conversation they wanted to spark. They choose to work with a renowned Finnish artist to help 7 The 69 Eyes, “Jet Fighter Plane,” official music video, directed by Ville Juurikkala, 2016. Nuclear Blast Records. 8 Vandala, “The 69 Eyes Release First Single and Music Video for ‘Jet Fighter Plane.’” Vandala Magazine. 16 January 2016. Retrieved 30 December 2017. https://vandalamagazine.com/2016/01/20/ the-69-eyes-release-first-single-and-music-video-for-jet-fighter-plane/ 89