Popular Culture Review 29.1 (Spring 2018) - Page 7

Table of Contents From the Editor’s Desk Felicia Campbell 9 Into the Wild Paradox and the Merchandising of Christopher 13 McCandless Daniel Ferreras Savoye Sylvanas Windrunner of the World of Warcraft, Hillary 31 Clinton, and the Rhetoric of Female Leadership Carol Poster A Supernatural Tale of Agency, Othering, and Oppression Tony Kemerly & Trisha Kemerly 51 Essentialism and the Construction Gender and Race in Season 2 of Lifetime’s UnREAL Seth Vanatta 65 Children of the Grave: Visual Nuclear Rhetoric in Heavy Metal Music Heather Lusty 83 Where Have All the Vampires Gone? An examination of Gothic horror in BBC’s Luther Richard Logsdon 99 “A Man Must Have a Code”: A Contrast of Black and White Masculinity in The Wire Graeme Wilson 113 The Trajectory of a Comic Celebrity’s Career: Robin Williams Does Television Kathy Merlock Jackson The Blacksmith Todd Moffett 131 141 Book Reviews Rediscovering the Pleasure Principle: Imaginology Versus Critical Theory in Post-Trump Literary Studies Jarrett Keene 151