Popular Culture Review 29.1 (Spring 2018) - Page 60

(Rogge 304). These characteristics of civilized oppression are faced by the fat body on a day to day basis and each time they occur, more and more of the fat individual’s agency is removed, exposing them to further othering, and eventually, oppression.  It is civilized oppression that is the foundation of the “War on Fat” in which Western culture is currently embroiled. The seventh season of Supernatural serves as a powerful allegory to this type of oppression. The Leviathan, with their attractiveness, brains, and power, represent the dominant thin discourse that exists in today’s society. The humans, especially in the later episodes, represent the societal perception of the fat American, one who flounders his or her way through life, oblivious to everything except the next meal. The relationship between the Leviathan and humans, with the skewed power dynamic between the two groups, mimics the relationship between those who accept the idealized body size in society and those who do not, because they are either unwilling or unable to do so.  If that were the end of the story, it would not be ideal, but the seventh season of Supernatural takes the relationship a step further by asking the question, “What if society were to press the development of a truly othered population within society? Is that possible? What would it look like?” Foucault (135) stated that the human body has entered a machinery of power that explores, dismantles, and rearranges it. This power defines how one may remove another’s agency so that they may do what one wishes with the body perceived to be “lesser”. In the episode “The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo,” the Leviathan represent the literal manifestation of this statement. The Leviathan have insinuated themselves so deeply into the fabric of human government and control that Dick Roman’s plans to build a slaughterhouse disguised as a biotechnology lab that will be used to develop a cure for cancer will go unnoticed, much like the oppression of the person in the fat body. This revelation highlights the ever-increasing power dynamic that exists between the Leviathan and the humans. They want to gain control over the humans, make them a “perfect, docile herd” and have slaughterhouses on every corner while, most importantly, not having to explain their every move. It is this type of insinuation into the bodily lexicon that the thin body discourse has accomplished. The thin body discourse and its distaste for the fat body have now become enmeshed in media representations, medical opinions, and the healthy lifestyle industry, thus becoming so naturalized as to be invisible. The Leviathan extend their control over the humans by performing their own surveillance in order to achieve their desired goals, thereby circumventing the humans’ agency by taking away 60