Popular Culture Review 29.1 (Spring 2018) - Page 165

Contributors Marc Aramini has a degree in Biochemistry from Notre Dame and a Masters in English Literature from Northern Arizona University. Most of his writing focuses on the science fiction writer Gene Wolfe, on whom he has published a book. He is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Felicia F. Campbell is UNLV’s longest serving faculty member.  She is Executive Director of the Far West Popular and American Culture Associations and the editor of   Popular Culture Review,  both of which she founded.  She is a past president of the Popular Culture Association and is best known for her pioneering work on gambling and risk taking. Amy M. Green is Assistant Professor-in-Res Y[H]H[]\]Bو]YK\Y\TK\ܚۈY[[Y\\\X\Y[\\XY[ZX\[HQ[[[\Y]]Ӕ&\]Hو]YHܘ[KH\X\YۂHYHوܞ][[[Y[[Y\˂]HY\Xۈ\Hٙ\܈و[][X][ۈ]\[XH\^X[[]\]K\HHXX[^\[YYXBYY\[[X][ۋ[[[&\[\KH\X\Y0ݙ\H[Y\X\]Y]0[\\[ZY\و[Hۈ\ۙ^K\[]YX[ [X[KۈZ\\\&HZYܚ H\HܛY\XY^[H[[\ۂ[]\[ۈ[\Y[وH[Y\X[[\H\X][ۋ\[HH\XH\Y[ \Y[[XوH[\[\H\X][ۈ [Y\X[[\H\X][ۈ[Y]B\[و[Y\X[[\K\]Y[HXX\[Y[]\]\H[ܙX]]Hܚ][]S\HH[ܙ[]\Hܛ]\]\HXۙ BYX\[Z[\ˈH\\[H\]ܚۈH]YH]]]\\وY[\HZXXܙX]܈X\KM