Popular Culture Review 29.1 (Spring 2018) - Page 152

Finalmente, Beyond Literary Studies es una lectura necesaria para toda persona que entre al campo de los estudios literarios o empiece como un estudiante de posgrado de inglés o un miembro principiante del profesorado de un departamento de humanidades. Palabras clave: Posestructuralismo, teoría literaria, Leslie Fiedler, Imaginología, Jacques Derrida, estudios literarios Beyond Literary Studies: A Counter-Theoretical Approach. Savoye, Daniel Ferreras. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Company, Inc., 2017. Daniel Ferreras Savoye’s poststructuralist takedown, Beyond Literary Studies: A Counter-Theoretical Approach, is a compelling invective that arrives at a strange moment in the history of literary studies and higher education. Ten years ago, this lacerating look at the lunacy (and long con) of literary criticism would have been more satisfying and perhaps even persuasive enough to make a few academics reconsider the prioritization of theory over the literature itself. The book’s rallying cry to include “nontraditional narratives”—graphic novels, cinema, rock music—might have had a better chance at stirring within young scholars a desire to explore, as Savoye calls them, “imaginary parallel dimensions.” Savoye’s term excludes documentaries, autobiographies, political op-eds, hardcore pornography, sentimental romance novels, and stunt- centric YouTube videos, yet embraces non-formulaic works like HBO’s pioneering fantasy epic Game of Thrones and Stephen King’s Misery, a meta-horror novel that addresses “the theme of literary creation.” But we are now in a remarkable, up-is-down-and-down- is-up era, when liberal college students and faculty demand safe spaces from microaggressions and call for censorship on campuses and across the Internet, even as conservatives argue on behalf of the First (and Second) Amendments. Adding fire to this fuel is the growing #MeToo movement over sexual harassment, which having engulfed Hollywood now threatens to rip through academia. Given 152