Popular Culture Review 29.1 (Spring 2018) - Page 134

woman who works in her father’s music store and aspires to be a journalist.  Mindy lets Mork sleep in the attic of her apartment and becomes his guide in learning about Earthlings, and eventually the two fall in love.  At the end of each episode, Mork channels Orson to recount what he has learned about life on Earth.  The key to the series is Mork’s growing awareness of what it means to be alive, to be human, and to experience emotion.  The most repeated song on the series was “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees. Mork and Mindy is, of course, a sitcom, a rather silly one, and humor in the series centers on Williams’ distinctive comic style.    As Mork, Williams plays the frenetic, childlike Orkan, exhibiting the wild physical humor and impersonation style that became his signature.  For example, after going out on a date with Mindy’s friend, he reenacts for Mindy his entire disastrous evening in one quick dramatic skit.  Williams also creates comedy through Mork’s misunderstanding of language, taking words literally, again demonstrating his ability to improvise verbally.  If someone tells him to “button it up,” he looks for something to button.  If he hears “go jump in the lake,” he looks for a lake.  Scriptwriters for the show learned to leave spaces for Williams to improvise his scenes, and he took great delight in shocking and amusing both Mindy the character and Dawber the actress, once by entering his scene right on cue, but naked.  Finally, Williams as Mork expresses confusion about how earthlings act, especially regarding their connections and feelings.  On Ork, babies are created in test tubes and raised by computers, and Orkans believe that love and emotions are “hazardous to one’s health.”  Mork creates comic mayhem by misreading situations and misunderstanding social conventions, each day discovering something new about humanity. Producer Garry Marshall and television cri XY[YYYܙYH]H\YX\وH\Y\%[[ܚ[[ݙH]HX[\]Z[[^HHXK[X\]\X\YX[K]\B[Y\[YH\ܚ\ˈ0H\H] [[X[\ۈ[[[^H]\܈][[XYX܈[H[YK][YBYYH\Y\˂ܘYX[KY X\وH]ؚ[[X[\Y[\[ܚ^\Y[\ܚ\\[[X[[[[ۜˈ0[\œ\ۘ[YK[X[\\^\Y[[[XHˈ0[YHYXYHH[]\[ۈ[X]KH۝[YY[ B\ [H[^Hو[Z[]HY]HYYHX\ܛZ[[[H\H\\ۈ[H]YY[HXYY›X]K0\\HX\[؜\Y 8'H[&]۝\ˈ0]\\H^HH\\Y 0x&YH\YH^^K]H[[^\\XYH^H[ܚ˸'H L K0HܛYY[][ۜ\]\Xܜ]Y\ YYY[Y]\˜[\][\HH[ܛ[YܙHH[[X[\BL