Popular Culture Review 29.1 (Spring 2018) - Page 110

victims are cut, dismembered, decapitated.  Instruments of death are usually knives or other sharp instruments” (Creed 107). While Alice never goes so far as to dismember somebody, her actions reveal that she is fully capable of assuming the role of castrating female. To begin, she has murdered her father before the series begins. Again, in a scene from the series’ first episode, Luther steals from Alice’s flat the urn that holds the ashes of her parents.  To recover the urn, which also contains a piece of the gun she used to kill her parents, Alice pursues Luther onto a bridge spanning the Thames, kitchen-knife in hand. Perhaps, the most notable example occurs in the last episode from series three. Here, Alice saves herself, and possibly Luther, from being executed by Tom Marwood, a vigilante-killer consumed by rage over his wife’s rape and murder. The loss has spurred Marwood to execute other males who prey mainly on women and children and, finally, to punish those females, Alice and Mary, who have befriended his nemesis John Luther. Thus, in a scene from the fourth episode of season three, the viewer finds Marwood, armed with a short- barrel shotgun, standing on a roof top behind Alice and Mary. His monstrous side emerges as he demands that Luther select which woman to execute, and Luther chooses Alice. Before Marwood has the chance to pull the trigger, Mary turns, grabs his weapon, and points it away from Alice. In a split second, Alice turns and drives a nail (the archetypal sharp object) into Marwood’s neck, completely disempowering/emasculating the killer. At this point, the viewer must bear in mind that, when she disables Marwood, Luther probably still fears Alice Morgan. And there may be much to fear, for in episode two of series four, the sociopathic clairvoyant Meghan Cantor warns Luther that if Alice hadn’t killed Luther, Luther would have killed Alice. If this is so, then Luther’s giving up of Alice is motivated by his desire to be rid of a woman intent on making him her own and to exorcise from himself the monstrous, demonic darkness that has consumed Alice and that, throughout the series, has threatened to consume Luther. In fact, Luther’s