Popular Culture Review 29.1 (Spring 2018) - Page 108

is Luther’s developing romance with physicist Alice Morgan, who murders her mother, father, and family dog before episode one even begins. It is a romance that finds a parallel in the relationships between Jane Eyre and Rochester in Charlotte Bronte’s novel, between Heathcliff and Catherine in Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, and between vampires and their human lovers in several contemporary, somewhat domesticated versions of the vampire narrative.   Thus, during his initial interrogation of Alice at the police station, Luther deduces what Alice has done and yet refuses to make an arrest, thus providing a window for the growth of a dark and dangerous bond between the two lead characters. In fact, by the time he encounters Alice, Luther has already attempted to murder Henry Madsen and so has acted upon the rage that finds a parallel in whatever pushed Alice to take her parents’ lives.  In turn, the parallel provides a foundation that allows Luther and Alice to connect. Indeed, in the second episode of the first series, Alice remarks to Luther that their difference is one of degree, not category. Her observation receives validation in the first episode of the first season when, interrogating Alice about the murder of her parents, Luther intuits within her the presence a “dark matter”, a phrase synonymous with the “dark energy” that theoretically is destabilizing the universe (NASA) and that, by extension, surely contributes to Alice’s occasional bursts of madness.  Sensing the same element in Luther, Alice later reminds the London copper that in attempting to kill Henry Madsen, he simply gave in to his true nature. Luther does not deny this observation, even after Alice, posing as a doctor, stands by Madsen’s hospital bed after setting a part of the hospital on fire and suffocates the killer whose confession would result in Luther’s removal from the police force and a sentence in prison.    In fact, in several scenes, Alice’s actions clearly express the repressed but certainly