Popular Culture Review 29.1 (Spring 2018) - Page 102

The killers of the novel and the series surely fascinate and terrify the immediate European and American audiences. The novel tells the story of John Luther’s attempts to bring to justice a “monster” whose kidnappings and brutal murders reveal a propensity for evil equivalent to those committed by any creature from the archives of Gothic horror.  In the novel, Luther uses the information provided by the London police department’s computer base to track down Henry Madsen, a wolfish predator who has ties to a baby-smuggling ring out of Eastern Europe. Madsen has recently murdered Tom and Sarah Lambert, an attractive middle-class couple, and ripped from Sarah’s womb the fetus that she has been carrying for several months.  Luther’s description of the murder seems intended to elicit the horror that one feels upon learning of similar real-life atrocities: “Whoever did this, they let themselves into the house while Tom and Sarah were sleeping. They cut off Tom’s genitals and choked him with them. They cut open Sarah’s belly and they took the baby” (Cross 26). While Luther and his assistants do discover the identity of the killer, they cannot ][HX]وH]\BXY[\][HH[[܈[^HX]ZXH[Y][XY[[\\ \ۈH]\[[وB[ۜ[\]X]K[ ]Y[\[Z[K[ܙ\šY\^YX\]Y\ZXKHXY[[\B܈\X]H\\ˈ[Hݙ[8&\[[[K\X]Y[H\\\K]\ܛ\XY[[[X[ۙY[\X[\\Z\K\XY[\\]\H܂]\[[H[\[[\[[[H\[\BHX[ۈو\]Hۙ[ˈ[YYH\[\&\›[ۜ\YY]\]\[\ۈ\X[H\\Y\[\[\[\ۈXY[&\[\[\H]\˜ܙX]\H[\X] ][XYYZ[\۝X[ۈ][[X[YH\ܝ][]\Y\HZ[܈XZۂ[Z\HX]HوX[HHHۙۈXH\\Y[ ][][[[\H[•HۙۈوH]\ݙ[[\Y\XY\˜HZXܛHوH]Y\[ۜ]ۜ]]HH][™܈HX[]\X[ܚ[YH[X\]\[܈Z\YX][\\ۈ[[Y[HY][ۘ[Xܜ܋[YY Hۙۈو]\ݙ\H\[HB][\[[HۘZ]YHܚ]\و]HܚY][\X[K0[Hݙ[[H\\\B^H[\\و[HYYH[Y\[[H]B^H8'\[Xۙ۸'H Z[[KHX[ۈو\[Y[[\Y]YZ[[]\H\[\\HZ[[و[ܙHY][ۘ[X\]]\ ][ M H[] [L