Poppycock June/July 2014 - Page 38

music Portland’s Secretwave Music Scene h u n t e r • s k o w r o n A n outsider walking down a typical street in Portland could hear a few things. To your left there will be dreadlocked and possibly “homeless” people banging plastic drums. Further down to your right you may hear some middle-aged men playing a fusion of jazz and rock bubbling out of a bar. Ahead you could hear (although half-drowned out by the twang and bang) a bro-type fellow fresh off the bus from Boise with an acoustic guitar playing a mix of country and rap (think Everlast). This is a picture of Portland’s music scene to an untrained ear; these are the stereotypes. Yet, over the past decade more than ever, Portland seems to have been built around certain rules and combinations of people and attitudes that have have shaped what the general public thinks of this place. While some of these ring more true than others, one thing that is apparent is Portland’s broken up into small pockets. Each one is flowing with its own attitude and views about music, arts, and the city. This is perhaps the exact reason as a producer, writer, and musician I moved here to find music that is truly Portland. From big venues and shows on national tou