Poppycock June/July 2014 - Page 31

a flawless dining experience. Their precision, their pallets for assembling ingredients, the plating presentations, and some mutual particularities for detail are just a few reasons why they work so well together to create the level of cuisine they serve. “We have the same vision. We also have a very similar style,” says Stocks. “It’s nice working with someone where you don’t have to worry about what the other is doing. At my old job, it was a 12-person kitchen. I felt like I was babysitting all the time.” As integral a part of the Holdfast Dining experience as the eating, is being audience to the preparation which happens before your eyes. Watching Preisch and Stocks work together is like watching a ballet. It’s dinner and a show. I’ve never seen chefs flutter with finesse while no words need be exchanged. To watch, drink, eat at Holdfast you’ve got to be quick to respond and open to dining on whatever thoughtfully prepared menu these two young culinary savants have in store for 14 lucky guests at a time. To be a part of the Holdfast email list and reserve a seat at this chef’s table rubbing elbows with other culinary adventurers like yourself, sign up to get your invites at holdfastdining.com. 31