Poppycock June/July 2014 - Page 3

4 Walnut Studiolo contents This mom and pop design studio started on a whim to become a success beyond their most dismissive scoffs. 8 Ellen Whyte This blues singer/songwriter is passing the baton to our kids by teaching them the creativity and joy that comes from music. Cover Story 10 Just Another Canvas Art is as subjective a concept as there is, but Matt Huntley pushes some boundaries by finding his canvas on the nude body. 26 Holdfast Dining In a city of evolving cuisine and chefs that forgot a box even exists, chefs Will and Joel may provide the coolest dining experience in town. 35 Psychopomp Poetry Salon Frank and Angela want what every artist wants, to be immersed in creativity. They decided to find it themselves and are recruiting for their new poetry salon in Portland. 18 Moniker Our look into the creativity and personality of a woman who has made music a part of every facet of her life as she releases her album, The Cruelest Month. 32 Anna Tivel An interview with the local Fluff & Gravy artist on the release of her new album, Before Machines, and how she got here. 38 Portland’s Secretwave Music Scene What comes after what comes under underground? Hunter finds out for us.