Poppycock June/July 2014 - Page 29

freshness of each ingredient. A dinner guest knows only three things: a time, a place, and the cost. How do they know? They’ve gotta be on the list, and they’ve got to be quick on the draw. The guys send out a blast email and the first 14 people to reserve a seat are in. Slow to check your email that day? You’re probably sitting this weekend’s dinner out. Each dinner is a mystery menu. Guests have no idea what they will be served. No food allergies are considered. Oh, and rest assured, these two know their wines. Each wine served at the meal is paired perfectly with the courses being served. Five years ago, Preisch and Stocks worked together at The Bent Brick in Portland. About one year ago, Preisch started Holdfast Dining. Stocks graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in New York and finished working at Graham Elliot, a 2 Michelin star restaurant in Chicago, Illinois. Stocks returned home to Portland and joined Preisch at Holdfast. Preisch is 30 years old and Stocks only 26, but don’t be fooled by their age. They’ve both been working in kitchens since they were kids. Preisch grew up around his father’s diner in Cleveland, Ohio—practically born and raised cooking. Stocks has worked in fine dining restaurants since he was 15. There’s no doubt that they’re food savvy. “Our food is elegant. It’s food with finesse,” declares Stocks. Essentially, they could be considered a pop-up kitchen, but they haven’t moved yet. Holdfast is part of a kitchen collective at KitchenCru in NW Portland. They share the industrial kitchen with other companies. They like the KitchenCru space because it’s beyond well-equipped, has a chef’s table, and creates the environment that they want their guests to experience. “We present the food how we’d want it to be served to us,” hollers Preisch over the gangster rap blaring in the b