Poppycock June/July 2014 - Page 2

letter from the editor Welcome to the nonsense! Just as it was with the first “beta” issue of Poppycock, I am amazed we got the magazine out to you on time without any industrial accidents in the workplace. With absolutely zero background in design, the change from issue “beta” to this first issue is astonishing. I also got some very helpful advice from one reader who had great constructive criticism about the look and design. Thanks, Byron. We are four writers strong in this issue, but the content is diverse. We have makers, a teacher, musicians, an artist, poets, all of varying ages and backgrounds. We have more 2-page spreads, varied column design, and this issue is far more photo heavy than the last. This issue is closer to the dream I had for Poppycock years ago when the idea began to take root. For those of you reading this who know nothing about us (let’s call you “the overwhelming majority”), Poppycock started as just a blog where I had the hopes to find other creative people and writers to just hone their craft and have a place where they can write the stories that they wanted to write. I know, not a unique idea. The hope was really to eventually pull together a group of people who wanted to put something more out in to the world. We are exclusively reader supported. The more support we get, the better we can do our job moving forward. I want to take a second to thank everyone who let us do a story about them. It takes a lot of guts to let a total stranger come in to your life and poke around. I want to thank the magazine’s writers for taking the time and care to do the great job that they did on their stories. I want to thank my friends and family for their support, story ideas, patience during my panic attacks, and understanding when I didn’t return your calls and texts because I was busy putting this out. These are all the people who really made this magazine and every subsequent issue possible. Then there is you, the reader. I hope we give you something you can take with you once you’ve put this magazine down. I always attempt to inform, inspire, and entertain in some way. I know that Poppycock isn’t for everyone, but for those of you out there looking for indepth stories about people and projects beyond cursory blurbs covering the 5 W’s, I hope you find something here worth your time. Lastly, send us your ideas and advice and I promise they won’t fall on deaf ears. Also, if you want a place to showcase your work, passions, art, creations, whatever, send me an email. We are always willing to consider showcasing the works of the people of Portland. Oh, and if you want to be a part of the team as a writer or photographer, I’d love to hear from you, too. Thanks for giving us a chance, Wesley Bauman Editor in Chief Poppycock Magazine projectpoppycock@gmail.com Just as a church isn’t the building, but the congregation; Portland’s identity isn’t the city limits and the buildings, but the population. We are a do-ocracy. We are participants, adventurers, passionate people who all have a story to be told. This issue has a lot of photos and a lot of words, but there is one thing we don’t have: advertising. I am of the mind that you should get what you pay for. If the magazine were totally free, then yes, you’re gonna see some ads; a lot of ads. Poppycock costs money, and what you are spending your hard-earned dollars on is not pages hocking cars, cigarettes, and liquor. You are buying our content, our stories. Since that’s what you are buying, that’s what you will get. writers: hunter•skowron grace•caton kim•birkl a nd w e sl e y•b au m a n