Polk County's Literacy Resource Directory Literacy Directory 2nd Edition - Page 6

LITERACY TIPS  Pre-K  Have your child name the pictures and/or tell a story by taking a "Picture Walk" through a book Read to your child every day, and be sure to point out letters, sounds, and words as you read. Ask questions about the story and point out the characters while reading to help build vocabulary. Make reading fun by encouraging your child to read aloud to a pet or stuffed animal! Point out words you see on signs while in the car or during outdoor activities. K - 2nd   Help your student choose books of interest and encourage your student to talk about what he or she is reading. Choose a word and take turns saying a rhyming word (ex. sneeze, squeeze, fleas, please, etc.). Practice tongue twisters, simple poems, or rhymes. Fun tongue twisters are easy to find on the internet and in library books. Create cartoons with your student to show the meaning of new, interesting, or complex words you read in books. Have your student pantomime (act out without talking) action verbs he or she finds in the text. Discuss the pictures in a book, considering the lines, shapes, colors, textures, and patterns as well as the message conveyed by the pictures. Photographed by Felix Manzano 5