Polk County's Literacy Resource Directory Literacy Directory 2nd Edition - Page 2

Polk County Public Schools is constantly striving to provide a high-quality education for all of our students. One way we achieve this mission is by partnering with community organizations that enhance and supplement the resources and opportunities available to Polk County students. One such partnership that I am particularly proud of is Polk County Public Schools' ongoing collaboration with Polk Vision. Polk Vision has been a constant resource to our school district over the years. Their teams addressing school health, quality of life, and literacy produce outcomes that directly affect Polk's students and their educational opportunities. Literacy Team  Pam Craven, Ph.D. - Co-Chair, Learning Resource Center Lindsay Persohn, Ph.D.- Co-Chair, University of South Florida Kristi Anderson - Huntington Learning Center  Steve Chapman - AmeriCorps Polk Reads  Jeanette Crowley - Polk County Public Schools Stacy Davis - Polk County Public Schools  The most recent example of this collaboration is the publication of Polk County's Literacy Resource Directory, which provides schools and families with critical information about literacy resource providers in their area. Polk Vision's Literacy Team has worked hard to collect information about tutoring, awareness events, programs for parents, websites, books, and other literacy resources. This is the first directory of its kind to be produced, and we anticipate numerous benefits to our students and Polk County as a whole. It is well-documented that children who cannot read at the appropriate level by third grade struggle to keep up with increasingly challenging lessons later on in school. Students who are not proficient readers have a higher likelihood to drop out of school and not graduate on time. The creation of Polk County's Literacy Resource Directory aligns with Polk County Public Schools' strategic plan priorities to increase the graduation rate, reduce the dropout rate, and become an "A" district. Students with access to supplemental literacy support are more likely to make learning gains, graduate high school, and become more productive citizens later in life. I am proud to support Polk Vision as one of Polk County Public Schools' community partners. We look forward to additional collaborative projects that will benefit Polk County's students and community.  Tarrel Davis - Mulberry Community Service Center Sheri Gieger - Usborne Books Marc Hutek - Early Learning Coalition of Polk County   Jennifer Kovac - Polk County Library Cooperative Shaullanda Lacomber - Community Volunteer Kristi Perkins - Lake Wales Literacy Council Colleen Pizzuti - United Way of Central Florida Nancy Puri - Polk County Public Schools Beverly Putnam - Northeast Polk Literacy Council Sandy Roddenberry - Lakeland Regional Health Systems Sincerely, Jacqueline M. Byrd Superintendent of Schools  Kathleen Roehm - Redlands Christian Migrant Association Juan Seda – Polk County Public Schools Billy Townsend - Polk County School Board  1 Letter from the Superintendent