Polk County's Literacy Resource Directory Literacy Directory 2nd Edition - Page 12

Polk County Student Resources  2018 - 2019 ISSUE   Did You Know! The more types of reading materials there are in the home, the higher students are in reading proficiency, according to the Educational Testing Service.3 Educational Testing Service, 1999. America's Smallest School: The Family. COGNITUTOR Icons: THE LEARNING CENTER Contact: Loni Lebanoff Awareness            863-521-3892                loni@cognitutor.com Resources            www.cognitutor.com Tutoring  Hours of Operation: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm | Monday - Friday About: Gone are the days of limiting yourself to a tutor in your area! Activities You can choose a tutor in your city or across the world. meet with your tutor in your home, in a local cafe, or online. CogniTutor, LLC offers tutoring services to elementary through college age students in all subjects, including SAT, ACT, FSA, reading, math, and music Cost classes. CogniTutor strives to help students learn how to learn so they do not need a tutor in the future! CogniTutor, LLC is offering 3 highly effective SAT and ACT prepatory No Cost course options to help you excel when taking the SAT and ACT. CENTRAL FLORIDA SPEECH AND HEARING Contact: Tina Bell | Address: 3020 Lakeland Highlands Rd., Lakeland, FL 33803 863-686-3189 |          tbell@cfshc.org |          www.cfshc.org Hours of Operation: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm | Monday - Thursday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm | Friday About: The Center offers speech-language evaluations and therapy for children and adults. Language is the foundation for literacy... you must hear it to say it, say it to read it, read it to write it.  11