Polk Broadband Plan - Page 87

POLK COUNTY BROADBAND PLAN 12. Meet with Anchor Institutions to encourage the development of meaningful employee suggestion programs, specifically programs that encourage and/or incentivize employees to submit ideas that use broadband technology to increase efficiency and improve services. 13. Reward and/or recognize Anchor Institutions that implement policy or programs that utilize broadband technology to increase efficiency and improve services. 14. Meet with business owners and business associations to discuss broadband access, broadband training opportunities, and funding opportunities. 15. Work with Chambers of Commerce and local economic development organizations to identify broadband intensive industries to target. 16. Reward and/or recognize broadband providers that provide expanded access for businesses and business districts. 17. Provide incentives for broadband providers to offer workshops and training exercises. 18. Develop a series of Public Service Announcements designed to promote Polk County’s broadband assets, including mobile broadband, and to brand Polk County as a technological and educational hub within Florida’s High Tech Corridor. 19. Establish partnerships with print, radio, television, and internet media outlets to promote the development, and highlight the advantages, of the highest speed broadband technologies available, including mobile. 20. Promote technology fairs and conferences within Polk County that include the latest broadband and mobile broadband technologies and applications. 21. Encourage Polk County and local municipalities to review and revise (if necessary) their Comprehensive Plan policies, Land Development regulations, and Zoning codes to eliminate any unnecessary restrictions or burdens upon the installation of broadband infrastructure, including towers. 22. Establish a Polk County Broadband Advocacy Committee whose primary objective is to advocate for broadband development, education, and utilization at the local, State, and/or Federal level. 23. Encourage Polk County and all 17 local municipalities to develop and adopt broadband infrastructure policies within their comprehensive plans, establishing broadband as an essential infrastructure similar to roads, water, sewer, or electricity. 24. Establish quarterly meetings with representatives from local broadband providers to communicate ideas and share information. 25. Meet with local municipalities and Polk County to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of establishing local government broadband enterprises and providing broadband services to local business and residents. 26. Meet with local broadband providers to discuss the current obstacles to providing 100/50 mbps services to Polk County residents and explore solutions, including public/private partnerships. 27. Work with the local chambers of commerce to encourage and promote telecommuting for employees of Polk County businesses. 85