Polk Broadband Plan - Page 84

PROJECTION OF FUTURE DEMAND 82 Institutional/Public (INST) Property designated as City, county, state, federal or other government, private or institutional entities (Institutional, governmental, public/semipublic, public facilities, public land [except parks], Federal, Military, church use/religious, educational/schools, private well field, public grounds [except park], hospitals, utilities [treatment plants, water wells], quasi-public). Mining/Extractive (MINE) Mining and mineral or natural resource extraction uses, including pits. Industrial (IND) Indoor manufacturing, assembling, fabricating, and warehouse activities conducted indoors, mini-storage (heavy, light and medium industrial, planned industrial, industrial, industrial park, planned industrial park, general industrial, industrial employment center, wholesale commercial, commercial/industrial, airport industrial). Commercial/Office (COM) Property designated as stores, offices or other establishments used to serve the needs of the public (General Commercial, Commercial, Neighborhood Commercial, commercial/manufacturing, low intensity commercial, general commercial development, limited commercial development, downtown business, marine commercial, high intensity commercial, commercial and services [including lodging], historical resources, marina, tourist commercial, local convenience center, mixed commercial industrial, central business district, office/commercial, office, wholesale, community commercial, highway commercial, mixed use commercial, water oriented commercial, business, retail services, historic commercial, lakefront commercial, business district overlay, regional commercial, integrated office commercial, limited interchange, commercial village, Lodging, hotel/resort, RV Park, tourist accommodations). Mixed Use (MU) Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) (Mixed Use, regional activity center, Commercial/Residential, commercial/industrial, shoreline mixed use, residential/recreation, regional mixed use, residential/professional, downtown mixed use, mixed use planning district, residential/business, community mixed development, mixed use neighborhood, urban village, town center, redevelopment area, DRIs, Coordinated Development District, Planned Community). Transportation (TRAN) Right of way, airports, transportation utilities, etc. Water Body (WAT) Not all Future Land Use maps include water as a category. In these cases, water bodies include a land use ›Üˆ[ˆY˜XŮ[\ŮK‚‚•[šŰ›Ýۈ S’ĘB‚’[™›Ü›X][ۈ›Ý]˜Z[X›K‚‚ƒ