Polk Broadband Plan - Page 79

POLK COUNTY BROADBAND PLAN Weighted Broadband Demand Score Finally, in order to produce a weighted score for a given county or region, a percentile ranking is generated for the original broadband demand scores (B) of all the geographic units. This percentile ranking is the final Weighted Broadband Demand Score. The combination of the four variables is illustrated conceptually in Figure 59. Figure 59. Data Layer Assembly to Produce the Final Model GIS Analysis Procedure The following geographic datasets were used: • Polk County parcels • Polk County Traffic Analysis Zones, with projections of population and employment for 2020, and percentile ranks of each TAZ’s population and employment (percentile ranks were produced in Excel and joined to the existing TAZ feature class) • Polk County Generalized Future Land Use (created by the Central Florida Regional Planning Council; see page 100 for a full description of this dataset) joined to the Future Land Use scores (Table 30) • Census tracts joined to FCC broadband coverage data 77