Polk Broadband Plan - Page 77

POLK COUNTY BROADBAND PLAN The Future Land Use scores assigned are listed in Table 28. Table 28. Generalized Future Land Use Scores Generalized Future Land Use Score Agriculture 1 Commercial/Office 2 Conservation 0 Industrial 1 Institutional/Public 2 Mining/Extractive 0 Mixed Use 1 Recreation/Open Space 0 Residential, High Density 1 Residential, Low Density 0 Residential, Medium Density 0 Residential, Unknown Density 0 Residential, Very High Density 1 Residential, Very Low Density 0 Transportation 0 Unknown 0 Water Body 0 Scores of F = 0 do not indicate that the area has zero projected broadband demand, because the other variables are still included in the broadband demand score. The Future Land Use categories expected to require the greatest overall bandwidth, Commercial/Office and Institutional/Public, are assigned a score of 2. Industrial, Mixed Use, and High/Very High Density Residential are assigned a score of 1. Other categories are assigned a score of 0. 75