Polk Broadband Plan - Page 76

PROJECTION OF FUTURE DEMAND P (see Figure 56) is the percentile rank of projected population per square mile in 2020 for each TAZ, calculated in the same manner as E. Figure 56. Percentile Rank of Projected 2020 Population Per Square Mile (P) F (see Figure 57) is a Future Land Use score intended to give greater weight to Future Land Uses that are considered likely to have more intensive broadband needs. This score is either 0, 1, or 2. Polk County and the municipalities therein have approximately 150 different Future Land Use categories in total; these have been generalized, using a methodology previously developed by the Central Florida Regional Planning Council and based on the State of Florida’s generalized Future Land Use categories, to produce a geographic dataset depicting 17 generalized Future Land Use categories for Polk County. (These categories are described in detail on page 100.) Figure 57. Future Land Use Score (F) 74