Polk Broadband Plan - Page 67

POLK COUNTY BROADBAND PLAN Respondents reported the cost of their home internet connections as follows: Table 22. Internet Costs - Question 21 Price Range Percentage Less than $20 a month 4.1% $20 to $29/month 8.4% $30 to $49/month 21.4% $50 to $74/month 27.0% $75 to $99/month 9.4% $100 to $124/month 14.4% $125 to $149/month 8.7% $150 to $199/month 5.5% $200 or more a month 1.1% 53.6 percent of respondents reported that the cost included something additional besides the internet connection, such as cable TV or phones. Among respondents who had no home internet connection: Given a home internet connection, respondents indicated that members of their household would use the internet for online shopping according to the following distribution: Given a home internet connection, the following was the reported likelihood of using the internet for education (online classes, school research, etc.): Not sure, 4.30% Not sure, 8.60% Not at all likely, 25.20% Very likely, 42.40% Somewhat likely, 23.70% Figure 45. Likelihood of Internet Used for Shopping - Question 23 Not at all likely, 26.10% Very likely, 51.40% Somewhat likely, 18.10% Figure 46. Likelihood of Internet Used for Educational Purposes - Question 24 65