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POLK COUNTY BROADBAND PLAN A fast internet connection is critical for maintaining your company’s competitiveness: A fast internet connection is critical for being able to produce and deliver the services or products your company provides to customers: Strongly disagree, 3.20% Strongly disagree, 2.60% Disagree, 13.80% Disagree, 16.70% Strongly agree, 35.40% Neither agree nor disagree, 10.10% Strongly agree, 36.00% Neither agree nor disagree, 8.90% Agree, 35.40% Agree, 38.00% Figure 39. Fast Internet is Critical for Competitiveness - Question 17 Figure 40. Fast Internet is Critical to Produce & Deliver Services - Question 18 A fast internet connection is critical for the survival of your company: Strongly disagree, 3.70% Disagree, 21.00% Strongly agree, 24.50% Neither agree nor disagree, 12.10% Agree, 39.20% Figure 41. Fast Internet is Critical for Survival of Your Company - Question 19 79.1 percent of businesses had wireless internet (“Wi-Fi”) connections. The average number of devices that connect to the internet (such as computers, iPads, tablets, smart phones) per organization was 92. On average, among business surveyed, there were 0.77 such devices per employee. Respondents were asked how many additional such devices their organization expected to add in the next year; the average number was 26 devices, but 48.6 percent of respondents expected to add no new devices in the next year. Respondents’ download and upload speeds, measured during the survey process via an online speed test site, are summarized in Figure 42. 59