Polk Broadband Plan - Page 60

Existing Conditions Respondents were asked for what reasons high speed internet service is important for their organizations. Responses were distributed as follows: Table 16. Reasons High-speed Internet is Important - Question 14 Reasons Percent of Businesses Banking 75.7% Marketing 65.0% Computer system 54.2% Supply chain management 49.2% Government forms and registrations 49.2% Telephone system 48.6% Getting to websites 39.5% Teleconferencing 33.3% Accessing continuing education 22.3% Networking 21.8% Access to data sources 18.1% Accessing global markets 16.1% Selling our products and services 11.3% Other important uses included telecommuting, uploading large files, time management, software support, security, research, records management, direct customer service, file storage and retrieval, data management, and connection to remote servers. Respondents rated the degree to which they agreed or disagreed with the following statements. 58