Polk Broadband Plan - Page 59

POLK COUNTY BROADBAND PLAN Respondents were asked what their organizations would like to do that they cannot do now because of the speed of their internet connection. Most respondents reported that there was nothing additional they would like to do. However, some respondents indicated the following activities: • Increase connectivity with remote locations • Stream videos faster without interruptions • Better quality teleconferencing • Better telecommuting • Transfer larger files • File documents online • More interactive marketing • Voice over IP for phone systems • Widespread online testing • Pull up multiple accounts • Online banking • Future state of the art services Respondents were asked what factors, if any, prevented their organization from getting a faster internet connection. Of the 354 businesses with internet connections, respondents cited the reasons as follows: Table 15. Factors that Prevent Obtaining a Faster Internet Connection - Question 12 Factors Percent of Businesses Boss/corporate doesn’t value a faster connection 64.4% Not in the budget 16.1% Have fastest connection available 9.0% Too expensive 6.2% Don’t really need a faster connection 5.6% The connection speed will still vary, so it’s not worth it 4.2% Up-front costs are too high 3.4% Costs more than it’s worth 3.1% Business is not good - poor economy 2.0% 57