Polk Broadband Plan - Page 50

Existing Conditions Wireless Broadband and Vertical Assets According to Broadband Florida data, the entire county is covered by mobile wireless broadband service (the type of service that is accessed by smart phones, tablet computers, and other mobile devices typically using 3G or 4G networks). There are 42 active wireless broadband towers in Polk County. Figure 27 shows typical wireless broadband download speeds, according to data from Broadband Florida, as well as the locations, height, and type (guyed, monopole, and self-supporting) of wireless network towers. Figure 27. Typical Commercial Download Speeds & Tower Locations Data source: Broadband Florida Figure 28 shows coverage by wireless broadband providers in Polk County. According to data from Broadband Florida, there are 7 providers: AT&T, DISH, Hughes, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and WildBlue. Three of the providers cover the entire county and the remaining four cover most of the county. Figure 28. Wireless Broadband Providers Data source: Broadband Florida 48