Polk Broadband Plan - Page 36

Existing Conditions 18 percent of the population and 28.9 percent of those under 18 were living in poverty, according to the same estimates. Polk County has higher poverty rates than Florida or the United States (see Figure 12). Polk County Florida Unit Y]\Œ BIBL H MIH H IH B[[B[\ NY\H L\[وH[][ۈ][[Hݙ\H\  LB]H\NKˈ[\\X]B[][ۈ[]H[ڙXYܛY\H LH[][ۈ\]X\HZ[HH[\[[KH\X\وY\[][ۂ[]Hܜ\ۙYHH\X\]\H[ܜܘ]Y[][X\[]Y\ˈ[Y][ۋ\H\H]\[\X\وY\[][ۈ[]H[HܝX\\XHوH[K\Hܛ[Y]][\XKY\H Lˈ[][ۈ[]K L]H\NKˈ[\\X]B