Polk Broadband Plan - Page 24

Introduction and Background The data collection step involves acquiring the data necessary for broadband planning. This includes not only broadband coverage data, but also a community profile containing background data regarding the demographic, economic, and social characteristics of the region. Such data are generally available from federal sources such as the U.S. Census Bureau and from state sources such as the Department of Economic Opportunity. GIS data are available from the Florida Geographic Data Library (www.fgdl.org), and from local jurisdictions, various state agencies, and federal sources.  Table 4 outlines the basic data necessary for b Y[[X[[[\H[] [][B][^Y ˂HYY[[\\˜KH\Y[YX][ۂKH\[\šZKH]\H\•HYY[[\\Y[YY\\]Y[Y[\H[[X[8%[\ܙ\X\][B[][]H܈Y[ۈ\HH\[Y[]Z[X[]H\YY]\[YY܈\[X\]YYY]]\HYYˈH[ܛX][ۈXY[HYY[[\\[H[[^Y]\Z[B\HY[[\X\H[H\]Z\Y][H[[\[ LYX\\Y\Y K[ܘ\X˜\X\وYY[HY[YYY\[H[\[Y]\΂(HڙXY[][ۈܛ(HڙXY[\[ܛ(H]\H[\H [ ]\KX\YY[[X[[[ B(Hۛۈ][ۜ]\[܈YXY]\HY[YXY[Y\¸(HY[Y[ۈ \JH]B