Polk Broadband Plan - Page 12

Executive Summary Figure 2. Population Density and Existing Commercial Broadband Coverage Need Model To identify underserved areas in which improved broadband access may have a particularly strong impact and may offer much-needed new opportunities to residents, a geographic model identifying areas of need was developed. This model identifies areas where lack of service, lack of broadband adoption by households, and low income combine to create a demand gap. The following were the specific factors used in the calculation: • Current lack of coverage; • Current low rates of broadband penetration; • Generalized existing land use (priority is given to agricultural and low-density residential areas because these are where isolated, underserved populations are most likely to reside). The results of this model are shown in Figure 3. Areas of need are particularly evident in the southern part of the county, but also in and around the urban areas of Lakeland and Winter Haven and in the far northern part of the county. 10